About Us


  Srisanguan Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a designer and distributor of PVC leather (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE). We focus on specifications and features of leather to create similar texture with genuine leather. With over 30 years of experience, the company has gained trusts from both domestic and oversea customers. Altogether, we aim to create a variety and high standard products to achieve customers’ needs.

  Our core competence
• Consultancy service for made-to-order order and PVC design and specifications
• Variety of products over 1,000 SKU
• Unique products, different from other distributors
• High standard products
• Product in stock, ready to deliver

Our History

  Srisanguan was established in 1985. The business started as a PVC wholesale shop. The company has acted as agency for both domestic and oversea customers by focusing on selling PVC for sandals products.

  In 1988, Srisanguan has adapted to the fashion market. The company offered PVC for women’s bags and shoes.

  In 2005, the company continuously grew through fashion market and presented products according to the global trends. The company also participated in international fairs such as ‘Lineapelle’ and ‘Mipel’ International Leather Fair to follow and study world trend.

  At present, Srisanguan unceasingly develops and designs the PVC leatherette’s pattern. The company studies the thickness and characteristics of the fabric (microfiber) in order to create the genuine leather-like.

What is embozz?

  Embozz is a trademark of Srisanguan Enterprise co., Ltd. The logo consists of two parts: Embozz text and butterfly logo. Embozz (or emboss) characters represent a design on PVC surface so that it stands out and reveals the desired texture. The butterfly logo symbolizes beauty. Green color represents life, freshness and adaptation to the fashion trends. Meanwhile, purple color means classic and authentic identity of Srisanguan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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